Now we can.

*These 12 photos from “Now We Can” project are part of Soho House Art Collection.

The analog photography project called “Now we can” aims to pay an homage to a brave, inspirational generation who lived under the oppression in Catalonia during the Spanish dictator Franco. Everyone who posed for the project has been an important activist figure in the LGBTQ+ history. Like many other people who suffered during the dictatorship, the ones we portrait couldn’t be themselves; however they never stoped fighting for equality. Today by realizing their dreams from the past, they throw us back to the 70’s when many basic human rights that today we take for granted did not exist. They transfer their happiness, pride and hope to those dark times saying “Now we can”. Jordi couldn’t study art, today he is an actor, he has a book and he poses as a professional nude model in the school of Fine Arts. Manuel & Abel couldn’t go out as dragqueens, today they are the two most famous and respected drag-queens in Barcelona. Armand had to publish gay magazines illegally, today he has the biggest gay publication archive in Spain and he is the very first gay person to publicly come out. Manuel couldn’t buy homoerotic art and books in Spain easily, today he has a huge art collection and he donated a big amount of lgbt archive material to the association Lambda. Paulina couldn’t get married to her partner, today she is married, and working for many lgbtq+ associations. All these people continue to fight for us and are great example of how things can be changed.